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    #1 out of 1259 Total Joint Surgeons in New York State by Volume

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    Meet Dr. Wickline

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    Dr. Wickline is a SwiftPath surgeon, practicing at Genesee Orthopedics in New Hartford, NY. He can relate to the experience of his patients, as he has an arthritic knee and hip. He thinks about what he wants for himself and works hard to provide his patients with the excellent standard of service and expertise he would expect.

    As a SwiftPath surgeon, Dr. Wickline is at the cutting edge of joint replacement excellence. SwiftPath changes the existing paradigm with state-of-the-art methods to improve outcomes, reduce complications, reduce the need for narcotics, and return patients quickly to a more mobile life.

    Orthopedic surgeons across the country are adopting the SwiftPath Method, a comprehensive program using proven methods to achieve superior results in joint replacement.

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    Readmission Rates

    Lower number is better.

    Patient Optimization

    Preoperative consultation focuses on personal health to improve results after joint replacement. Dr. Wickline will help identify and manage patient-related risks before surgery to reduce complications.

    Therapy Free Techniques

    Dr. Wickline is the creator of “Therapy Free Total Knee”. An innovative technique that decreases pain, saves money, and accelerates recovery and allows patients to recover entirely in their own home.

    Opioid Sparing Techniques

    Multimodal Pain Management is a combination of over the counter medications, icing and joint injections that control pain and minimize the amount of narcotics that are needed.

    Low Complication Rates

    Using the SwiftPath Method Dr. Wickline has been named the highest volume joint replacement surgeon, yet has the lowest complication rate in the state of New York.